1his father and ___ and wife and children a (6)
4in the law and the ___, “Is it lawful to he (9)
6and you will be ___. But when you host a (6)
7men the one coming ___ him with twenty thousa (7)
12Then Jesus took ___ of the man, healed him, a (4)
13said to them, “If ___ comes to Me and does no (6)
15noticed how the ___ chose the places of (6)
16Pharisees, “Is it ___ to heal on the Sabbath (6)
17is unable, he will ___ a delegation while the (4)
18the feast in the ___dom of God.” But Jesus (4)
19and wife and ___ and brothers and (8)
20owner of the house ___ angry and said to his (6)
23Him closely. ___ there in front of Him (5)
25have to take the ___ place. But when you are (4)
26silent. Then Jesus ___ hold of the man, healed (4)
27were watching Him ___. Right there in front (7)
30who sees it will ___ him, saying, ‘This (8)
31For everyone who ___ himself will be humbled (6)
33may invite you in ___, and you will be repaid (6)
36to answer these ___. When Jesus noticed (9)
38what will it be ___? It is fit neither fo (8)
40and is unable to ___ the work, everyone who (6)
41of honor, He ___ them a parable: “When you (4)
43Jesus went to ___ in the home of a leading (3)
46down and consider ___ he can engage with ten (7)
47And they were ___ to answer these questio (6)
48were unable to ___ these questions. When (6)
49or relatives or ___ neighbors. Otherwise, the (4)
52and those in at___dance were watching Him (3)
53off, to ask for ___ of peace. In the same (5)
54wishing to build a ___, does not first sit down (5)
55‘I have bought a ___ and I need to go see it. (5)
56king on his way to ___ with another king will not (3)
57When it was ___ for the banquet, he sent (4)
59first sit down and ___ whether he can engage (8)
61the salt loses its ___, with what will it be (5)
62my house will be ___. For I tell you, not one (4)
63“When you are ___d to a wedding banquet, (6)
64Him was a man with ___. So Jesus asked the (6)
65pile, and it is ___ out. He who has ears to (6)
66my banquet.’” ___ crowds were now travelin (5)


1not one of those ___ who were invited will tast (3)
2crowds were now ___ with Jesus, and He (9)
3himself will be ___.” Then Jesus said to (7)
4or ox falls into a ___ on the Sabbath day will no (3)
5neither for the ___ nor for the manure pile, (4)
6Since they cannot ___ you, you will be repaid (5)
8But they remained ___. Then Jesus took hold (6)
9how the guests ___ the places of honor (5)
10relatives or rich ___. Otherwise, they may (9)
11servant, ‘Go out ___ into the streets and a (7)
14have bought five ___ of oxen and I am going to (4)
21all this to his ___. Then the owner of the (6)
22quickly into the ___ and alleys of the city (7)
24the owner of the ___ became angry and said to (5)
27Jesus replied, “A ___ man prepared a great (7)
28out. He who has ___ to hear, let him hear.” (4)
29who exalts ___ will be humbled, and (7)
32Otherwise, if he ___ the foundation and is (4)
34engage with ten ___ men the one coming (8)
35It is fit ___ for the soil nor for (7)
37or rich neighbors. ___, they may invite you (9)
39five yoke of ___ and I am going to try the (4)
42your friends or ___ or relatives or rich (8)
44The servant re___ and reported all this (6)
45one said, ‘I have ___ a field and I need to (6)
46‘I have married a ___, so I cannot come.’ The (4)
50and the hedges and ___ them to come in, so (6)
51When Jesus ___ how the guests chose (7)
53and I am going to ___ them out. Please excuse me (3)
55make excuses. The ___ one said, ‘I have bought (5)
56to finish the ___, everyone who sees it wil (4)
58tell you, ‘Friend, ___ up to a better place.’ (4)
60pit on the Sabbath ___ will not immediately pull (3)
61and the lame.’ ‘___,’ the servant replied (3)
62king is still ___ off, to ask for terms of (3)

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